2024 Contest 

Learn about this year's theme

Congratulations to Mandy Maly from New Berlin, Wisconsin for inspiring the 2024 theme. Do you have a theme idea? Submit your ideas for the 2025 theme!

The 2024 EMDC Regional Contest will be at the August High School gym on April 2, 2024. Sign up for the CESA 10 mailing list below, or Register Here to reserve a spot for your team now! DEADLINE MARCH 1, 2024!

Contact Ginny Shoemaker at gshoemaker@cesa10.k12.wi.us with any questions!

Championship Waitlist Qualification

Teams may join the Championship Waitlist to fill slots not consumed by Merit-Based Qualifying teams. Waitlist teams will be “drawn from a hat” until a set number of teams have been drawn and sent out invitations to the Championship. The number of teams invited from the waitlist will depend on the Championship venue space and the estimated number of Merit-Based Qualifying teams.

The waitlist teams will be drawn on the following dates: