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Results are in! The following teams will be advancing to the Championship on April 21, 2023

Senior Division

1st Lake Holcombe Redneck Rockets

2nd Eleva Strum Engineers

3rd Neillsville Space Rubber Ducks

Also advancing:

Augusta High School (by waitlist drawing)


Junior – 5th-8th grade

1st Wildlands Space Ducks

2nd Wildlands Galaxy Geese

3rdWildlands Apollo 11

4th Bloomer Galaxy Girls

5th Wildlands Depressed Dinos

Also Advancing:

Wildcard (chosen by judges) Anthony Acres fish

Wildlands Bibble Babes (advancing by waitlist drawing)

Medford Middle School (advancing by waitlist drawing)

The following teams were awarded special awards:

From the judges:

Risk: Anthony Acres Milky Way

Above and Beyond: Wildlands Bibble Babes

College & Career Ready: Flambeau The Big Dippers

By peer ballot:

Theme: Neillsville Space Ducks

Best Technical Construction: Lake Holcombe Redneck Rockets

Most Creative Use of Materials: Depressed Dinos

By crowd ballot:

People's Choice: Wildlands Galaxy Geese

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