This short video introduces coaches and participants to the contest and provides examples from past contests. 

Watch carefully - our CESA 10 schools are featured often in this little clip!

EMDC 2024 

CESA 10 College & Career Readiness is proud to host the western Wisconsin Preliminary Engineering Machine Design Contest. 

This contest challenges student teams to design and build a complex machine using everyday objects with the guidance of a coach. Teams showcase and exhibit their machine for an audience and panel of judges from local industry. 

Example Machines

Teams typically begin preparation 2-4 months in advance of the contest, as part of a class, project, or club. Coaches can be teachers or other school staff in any grade or content area or, and/or parent or community volunteers. No prior experience or engineering background is required.

Successful teams advance to the Championship presented by Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence.

The Team

Junior Division | Grades 5-8 | 10-15 steps

Senior Division | Grades 9-12 | 15-20 steps*

*Senior teams must include mechanical, electrical, chemical, and fluid power components. Junior teams are encouraged to add these components but they are not required.  

Jump to Resources to see the complete contest handbook and other helpful information.

Students from all over the Midwest participate in the EMDC.

Eight regional contests allow teams to qualify for the Championship.

Contest flyer  

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This contest is offered in collaboration with the Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence